I am looking for Beta tester for our soon be to launched Do Follow Networking site. The site is scheduled to Beta Launch on 09/15/2009. This is how the site will work. It is a paid membership site that offers its members 10 new Do Follow social media sites every three days. You will receive access to 100 sites a free for a month. All of these sites allow user generated content and comments in exchange for Do Follow backlinks. Most of these sites will allow anchor text links.

I have personally used all of these sites and I will be offering tips on how to optimize these sites for your benefit. This program is based on the principals of Scratch My Back Marketing. This program emphasizes ethical link build practices that focus on branding and networking while link building and while adding value to these sites.

All participants will be required to leave at least a 20 word comment that is related to the topic. Inserting links into the comments left on blogs will not be tolerated. Self promotion on blogs will also get you banned. Blogs will compromise less than 1/3 of the program. You will have plenty of opportunities for self promotion on social networking sites in your profiles and through blog posts on these sites.

Those Beta testers who have a blog or social media site will be given the opportunity to become an affiliate. All that we ask is that you use the site for 30 Days and then write a review at the end of the month.

This requires that you have a blog or social networking site to participate. For more info go here http://tucsonseosolutions.com/wanted...etworking-site