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Thread: Neutral Density

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    Neutral Density


    Does anyone know what the Neutral Density light loss in F-stops of each filter on the Sony DSR-450 is? I will appreciate your help.

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    A Neutral Density filter is a dark grey filter that cuts the amount of light entering the camera lens. Originally, of course, Neutral Density filters were glass filters, but some cameras are starting to include them electronically.

    It's called neutral because it's a neutral grey that doesn't alter the colour of the light at all. It's only purpose is to reduce the amount of light.

    The purpose of a Neutral Density filter is that by reducing the amount of light entering the lens, you can reduce shutter speed without narrowing the aperture. This lets you have more control over depth-of-field in low light situations.

    A Neutral Density filter also means you can get slow shutter speed effects (such as the popular flowing water effect) in brighter light.

    I hope that helps?


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