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    How to connect RCA Audio to Analog PBX Port?


    I need to provide on-hold music to our Avaya G650 PBX via analog phone input.

    Specifically, I need to connect an unbalanced consumer-level (-10dB) audio output (mono RCA) to an analog phone port on our Avaya PBX (TN793CP 24-port analog circuit pack.)

    Actually, it appears my audio device can also be set to output balanced (+4dB) as well, if that makes a difference.

    Something like connecting the tip/shield of the RCA to the tip/ring of the analog input.

    In either case, I've read that you can't just hook them together without using a transformer for isolation.

    Is this true, and if so, is there a way to construct something in-line that is relatively inexpensive?

    In total, I need to connect 24 RCA's to 24 analog phone ports via 110 punchdown block. So, it seems I need to put 24 isolation transformers between each RCA and punch-down pair.

    Is this something that is easy to build?

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Tricky question. and one that may best be answered by Avaya. These media gateways are, I think, beyond the scope of this forum.

    If you get an answer from them as to specs, then yes, you can probably build iso xformers simply enough, but maybe not inexpensively. I believe they may have some sort of routing protocol you can download and a hardware add-on that will do it. but at 400+ pages of manual I'm not looking it up. Good luck!
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    There are no rules any more regarding phone system connections. Some units can accept anything; others require transformer-isolated, balanced, 600-ohm sources. Call Avaya customer service. When you know what you can connect, then we can answer remaining questions.


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