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Thread: A review needed

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    A review needed

    please have a review on these websites in my opinion it is equal to modern web design practices but i need some more suggestions.
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    Asking for suggestions? And this is my suggestion:

    first, it's not a website, but it's a website makers' website. You shouldn't acquire any kind of suggestions from a website, whose focus was educating and training novices.

    But since you're a quick poster, you must have no idea what this site is all about.

    Now, with all due my respect to your real business identities, alas you have bestowed none to us, I have my own opinions on this matter which will be hopefully discouraging, and that rather which seems to me an excellent suggestion for both to you and to the readers of this notice.

    I believe, the companies looking for a solid ROI in one way or another shouldn't promote the cheap efforts that don't seem to be bringing only positive effects, the efforts that don't look (and make you look) clean and elegant.

    Perhaps you should quit getting into the commerce and delay it until the time when you realize you have what it really takes. Or, you should learn to change your aggressive marketing techniques to where they really belongs to - to the streets! Where the retailers are, the place shop owners, real business investors exist. And you should tell to your boss who won't be giving you this month's pay or cut from your percentages that there are still alternative methods of aggressive marketing techniques that are less violating and more convenient than this one, so you might prevent loosing what reputation you already had.


    tampering with keywords and violating other professionals' rights on a shared-medium, such as forum sites, doesn't mean that you are ready for a challenge in business. No real entrepreneurs or serious businessman that I know of and I refer to are anywhere near to this kind of dirty tricks.

    This type of individuals are unfortunately "common" these days, the days when common-sense is not very common, following the termination of money-flows at international markets and death-stop of the commerce world-wide. Thus, not intending to bear down exceptional personal qualities, real-life business achievements, tax paying records and charity, reputable degrees and / or academic honors, they rather think that they need money more than you do only because they disregard ethics and code of behaviors along with carrying a bigger stomach than what you have.

    And I protest that in the best way I can, the best way I learned.

    Yes, the company web site is very clean, actually one of the cleanest and neat designs that I happen to have encountered, they have a good logical flow, a well-chosen context, overall quite a professional outlook. However, at the same time they seem to be suffering from a possible lethargic front-end development team - no matter how skillful they might be; they don't have semantic mark-up, they had followed much of the hear-say techniques and they're unconsciously forcing browsers to go out of standards mode, thus, loading slowly and inevitably, leaking memory.

    Best regards;
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