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    I am new and need help...

    i have always enjoyed shooting video but about a month ago i decided ot take it a bit furhther. i bought some editing software and it turned me from enjoying video to loving it. i want to start shooting professionally and do weddings etc., but i have a Sony Cyber shot. good camera but is it good enough to leave paying people happy with the results? if i need to upgrade, what am i looking for in a camera? what defines it's quality?

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    I know a cybershot is a good camera however, would you hire a professionel if they were going to shoot your wedding with a cybershot?
    many times cameras are for show and other times they are for the lens and the ability to be more creative...with weddings unfortunently you need both...

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    Since you are a Sony fan (I am not and use Panasonic HMC 72's for weddings) You might want to look at Sony's entry level HDV event camera which sells for around $2000 ... It has enough "respect" to get you jobs and should get you started. However if you are doing weddings then use an on-camera light at receptions as the single CMOS chip doesn't perform that well in low light!!


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