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    How to reduce the load time of the videos?


    I am kinda new to this forum,infact its my first thread ever here.And I am creating this thread with a hope that somebody could help me with the problem I am facing with my web site.

    I am getting a web portal developed in which there are gonna be lots of videos ( ofcourse in flv format ) which can vary anywhere between 1 MB - 500 MB.

    Now, when we are testing our application with the videos we noticed that the videos are taking forever to load, for example 4 Min video took more than 15 mins to completely buffer on 2 Mbps line...ahhh thats awful.

    I read somewhere that the loading of pages and videos of a website has a lot to do with the kind of server its being hosted on and also the traffic of that website.

    Well, my site is being hosted on a dedicated server and currently I am the only one accessing the website so for obvious reasons the load time has to be fast.I know that there is something which went wrong with the site but I am unable to figure that out.

    I am also mentioning the features of the server I got just in case if you think the server isnt good might let me know :

    Intel Xeon 3060 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    Windows Server 2003 - Standard R2 - Unauthenticated - 32 bit
    5 IPs
    100 Mbps Uplink
    2000 GB Bandwidth
    2 GB RAM

    Please advise me on how can I reduce the load time of the videos.

    Really hoping that I can get some sort of help here.


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    I dont know anything about streaming, but I just ask why you are running a win2k3 server? Theres a lot of free serversystems out there that could run that kind of service.

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    Actually all servers can be found in the Internet.


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