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    Karl, I stand corrected, thanx. I was also wrong in the math. You are totally correct about the 80% power.

    Cayetano, 19 years is old. Even if they were top of the line they are not anymore. Just an idea, but could you post a picture of the hall from one or two angles?
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    I hope to be in the hall this week. I will measure and take a pic or two.
    One more thing, there are when all mikes are on, two live mikes on the stage and two live wireless mikes in the audience for audience participation (talking). There is no singing here. It's possible when a person is speaking in the audience a speaker may only be 8-10ft above their head. I know with the angle walls on the stage and old speakers it's not looking good.

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    Having wireless mics in the audience, right where the speakers are aiming, is asking for trouble...but might not be a big problem if these are handheld mics and people are using them close to their mouths.

    If you haven't done it, you need to go in there when there isn't a meeting and turn up only one mic at a time, so you know on an individual basis where the feedback limits are. You may find that it's a single mic causing most of the problem, either because of what the mic is or how it's used.

    On the other hand, the more mics you have open at once, the more feedback problems you will have, for the simple reason that only one mic at a time is picking up a person's voice but all of them are picking up feedback. That stacks the deck against you.

    Are you using a variety of mics? Does the feedback nevertheless occur at nearly the same frequency no matter which mic/s are in use? That points to a speaker resonance. If you can nail down the pitch by finding the note on a piano that would help.

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