Hi all, I have a PA System in my practice studio and I need help in installing a Behringer 3400 Cross Over. I am not technical so would really appreciate someone giving me step by step instructions.
The System is currently set up with:
Stereo PA Amplifier 100watt (500 x 2 Channel)
Behringer 8 Channel Mixer
Ross Graphic Equaliser
2 x 15" Bass Speaker Bins
2 x Horn Tweeters
2 x Small Speaker Boxes with 8" Speakeres and Small Tweeters

At the moment I run the Bass Speakers out of one channel of the stereo Amp and the other 4 Speakers out of the other channel.

I have just bought a Behringer Super X ProCX3400 CrossOver

The manual assumes I know how to connect it! The Crossover has the alternative set ups of Stereo 2 way, Stereo 3 Way, or Mono 4 Way.

What I want to achieve is:
The Bass Speakers with separate control
The Tweeteres with separate control
The Small Speakers as fold back

I have no idea if this is possible or how to connect up the cross over for maximum performance.

Any ideas??

My email address is buscom@bigpond.net.au

Mike Buscombe