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    SD Broadcast quality Video

    I am using MD10000 panasonic camera and edirol v4 video mixer the using panasonic MD9000 as a recorded. I recently start airing our church programs, I discovered the video quality is very poor on the TV. am using Pinnacle 12 ultimate to edit, my question is, why is the video quality so bad on TV (during broadcast) than what I see on my monitor. could be my editing software or settings somewhere. what can I do to improve my video quality.

    2. am planning to hire a sony HD camera to cover next week but I have some issues.
    If I send the video signal to Edirol v4 mixer and through composite and record to mini dv (panasonic MD10000) will the quality still remain at its best? will be still remain HD footage or SD?
    can I combine the shots with the ones from the SD cameras or do I need to change my editing software?

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    1. How are you delivering the media for broadcast and in what format? Is this Live? Sounds to me like you are recording, what format are you recording to? Is the broadcaster doing a conversion of some kind?

    2. Mixing HD and SD is a problem, considering SD is 720 x 480 and full HD is 1920 x 1080 I think you can see the problem. You can down convert the HD signal but then why get the HD camera? I have never seen broadcast mix HD and SD and we do 2 broadcasts a week at my church, all in full HD.

    We record in full HD but the video is streamed live on the internet and recorded for duplication to Standard DVD. The primary reason for HD is for our screens in the sanctuary.

    If you need help I can put you in touch with the guy who was in charge of our Media Department. He is really sharp and set up our whole church a couple years ago. He is now working for a bigger church but is always willing to help other churches. He also sells live streaming services.
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    Thank you chuck for the reply,
    Really the broadcast is not live yet. I record to mini dv tape (panasonic MD9000), then later transfer to computer thru fire wire for editing. after editing I export to same mini DV tape as full quality AVI file. then send the tape to broadcast station (African Broadcasting Network ACBN) 10:am on saturdays. may be you can tune there today. its on free to air, mytv.
    Please, link me up with the guy because, I have alot of issues to discuse with him.
    thank you my dear.

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    Your method should be perfectly fine. The question is going to be what is ABCN doing with the tape once they get it? Are they doing a conversion of some kind? Find out that information so I can pass it on to my friend.
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