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    4 pin mini xlr to stereo jack wiring. Help!

    I have mics with a 4 pin mini xlr connector, and am trying to wire them to a stereo mini jack, can someone help please?

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    You gotta problem. If I may assume you're trying to wire a mic into, say, a sound card input - so we're dealing with a medium impedance, unbalanced line with DC on it - your question still can't be answered without more information.

    The primary use of 4-pin mini connectors is with wireless belt packs. Different manufacturers wire them up different ways. The three I'm most familiar with, Telex, Shure and Audio Technica, have 3 different standards. What works in one case can damage the mics in another case.

    So you need to find out exactly how your mics are wired. Good luck; manufacturers aren't exactly forthcoming with that info.

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    mics with 4 prong

    i am also looking for a adapter for a 4 prong/pin ( cant remember which) mic to use with a regular type of mic, like a stero plug type
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