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Thread: Mixer crisis

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    Mixer crisis

    Please help me out if you can,
    My audio mixer if recieving FM station that is close by and its is affecting the video section of the church recording. What can I do to stop this. Can earthing the building sovle it. am most concern about the video section because the audio cause lines to appear on their monitor.
    thank ya

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    You should be using shielded, balanced cables for all of your connections. The balanced cables reject RF (radio Frequency) noise... Try muting different channels, you should be able to find where the RF signal is coming from. If it is actually coming in between your mixer and your video gear, then you may need to look at your overall setup. A 1:1 transformer may be needed on the video end to isolate the signal before it goes into your rig.

    What are you running? List it all, along with the cable types you are using to get signal to certain places, and we can help a lot more.

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    If you're using unbalance cables, stay away from the twin lead cables, use only coaxial type audio cables.
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    Earth grounding is useless. At FM frequencies, there is no such thing as an earth ground more than 6" away from the actual ground point. Don't bother trying this.

    I'm a little confused when you say the audio mixer is receiving an FM station that's affecting the video part of the recording. Could you be more specific?


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