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    Adobe Customer Service

    Okay folks, just Ol' Clownfish ranting and raving again ...

    Adobe has the worst customer service I have EVER had to deal with

    I am trying to get some replacement DVDs for the Adobe Master Collection CS4.

    I've logged several phone calls, all of which involved long periods on hold. When I did get through, the operator clearly had no idea what I was talking about, and kept telling me that I had to go through their web service.

    The web service tells me to ring their phone service.

    I've sent several emails, with waiting time for replies a minimum of a week, as much as a month. One email referred me to a web link I was unable to log into with my Adobe registration.

    The most recent email referred to me to the phone service.

    As I write, I have been on hold for 86 minutes.

    And their hold music sucks.

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    I sympathise - I had a similar experience with them.
    Dave Owen

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    Bad Situation

    Since you need copies of the disk, you are in a bad situation, I gave up on getting answers from ADOBE long time ago & just refer to forums to find my answers. It's funny, I had to call DS tech. support last night to solve my kids DS problem & I got a customer rep. who actually spent 15 minutes with me on the phone and solved my problems, but nu such luck from ADOBE who many of us rely on for serious business support??

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    Adobe Customer Service

    Just an update, over 2 1/2 days after starting this thread, no response from this thread, the bug report or from emailing customer service experience.

    Still have no idea what to do...

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    Adobe Customer Service

    We did customer survey yesterday and results are EXCELLENT.
    Make sure the survey is not long and asks proper questions to get proper answers.
    Highly recommend them to everybody

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    I don't use any Adobe software for that very reason!!

    The really big guys have expensive packages and zero support for the single user. Probably if your mega-organisation bought their stuff for 300 work stations they would provide support but the small users are just ignored. Sure, a survey might show good results if it's done within companies but do a survey for the little guys and the picture will be totally different!! Clownfish I'm sure you would be quite justified in downloading your DVD's from p2p networks!!


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    Quote: ChrisHarding
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    Clownfish I'm sure you would be quite justified in downloading your DVD's from p2p networks!!
    Now, now, you wouldn't steal a car, y'know

    The very thought ..!

    OTOH, our organization hosted an Adobe seminar last week, and I got to pitch my tale of woe at one of their managers for the Asia-Pacific area. I have his card, and a suggested line of recourse.

    I'll let you know how it pans out ...


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