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    Best digital voice recorder?

    My Sony MD Walkman (minidisc recorder) just bit the dust. Don't know what I did, but it's been a real workhorse for me for five years. Now I need to replace it with a digital voice recorder that a can patch into from my Mackie 1202 mixer. What's my best bet? I'd like to spend no more than $500 if that's possible. I mainly need to record voice-overs for TV and radio commercials, but I do occasionally need to record live music too, so I need a very portable unit. I'd appreciate hearing what the resident experts advise. B&H recommended the Edirol R-09HR Portable High-Resolution Audio Recorder. Anyone have any experience with this unit, or another recommendation? Thanks.
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    I recommend you to have a look at zoom H4n. I buying this little "gadget" for sound-recording, because i'm tired of the sound at my handycam. It is really amazing what small detail it capture. You can read about it here:

    With the H4n you get even more functions, and possibillity to use 4 mics at same time.

    The price here in DK, is exactly the same.
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    The Zoom IS a sweet little recorder, and I plan to get one myself. A freind of mine has it , but he won't let me play with it. But I've heard the results, and it is worth the bucks. My only problem is that Edirol has better tech support.
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    When I got mine, I have a problem with the ASIO-driver, because I'm running 64-bit Windows, and even that zoom has wrote on there site that they is on holliday this week, I got an e-mail-answer within 20 hours.

    I understand your friend, he is worried about to not get it back because you wanna keep it.

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    Had a look at the Zooms. Decided the Edirol is a better solution for me. Thanks for the input.

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    I used Sanyo 378b digital voice recorder for journalistic engineering

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    this is what i use...

    I use 'tascam' the sound it record is wow but I don't know how much it cost but I realy recomend you to use it.because tihs is what i use.

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    I was really looking for this of information, Thanks you all guys here for cometting, I found this discussion really useful for myself.


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