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    I am looking to improve my vocal quality in terms of home recordings. Right now I use my webcam and built in speakers to record music. Anything would be an upgrade from here. I was thinking of purchasing a professional microphone to use with my laptop. I found one with a USB cable attached rather than the standard 1/8inch input. -- any suggestions or things that I should know about microphones and filters?

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    Greetings Alicia -
    Welcome to MC. A good place to start learning about microphones, go to the AUDIO tab at the top of the screen or go to:

    Got other questions or need further explanations after that? Come back & ask us! We got really good people here itching for a challenging question.
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    Thank you, I found that link to be very useful.

    1. I would like to know more about "line level" as it sounds like it is something I might need to know about for what I am doing.

    2. It would be nice to have versatile equipment that I could use for multi-purposes, but keeping it mind that the primary use is for recording (home based not with other studio/audio recording equipment like sound boards,etc.) what microphone/filter system would be best suited for my intentions? {it sounds to me like dynamic is the best way to go}

    Also keeping in mind that I intend to use this with a laptop what suggestions are there that might point me in that direction?

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    There are many options to consider, since you can get a microphone that is built to go into the USB port on your computer (which limits its use to only computers) or you can get a decent microphone and a converter to make it go into your computer (but still leaves the unit operational in a different setting)....

    I have a converter and a mic. The mic was $99 and the converter was $125. There are less expensive options, but I also needed to be able to plug my guitar into the rig (I actually use my laptop and a guitar amplifier simulator program instead of a guitar amp/FX live now!)

    The Samson C1 is a solid mic, I liked it better than the AT 2020 (similar price range), and it would be better suited to a tenor (male rock vocals) or female vocalist. I was not too excited about the AT 2020 after a few sessions (just not the mic for me).

    I recommend taking a look at the local music stores, there is bound to be a solution that works for you.

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