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Quote: Lynne
now that you have been using this for a while, what do you prefer, Perl or PHP? What do you think are the advantages/disadvantages of each?
We have a brief page outlining our views here:
I still prefer Perl. It's a fantastic language for server applications and I just don't see any serious disadvantages. Unfortunately Perl has suffered some misinformed bad press which is a shame.

PHP is certainly more popular amongst newbies and lazy people because it's easier. I've seen people base their entire programming language decisions on the fact that they can't be bothered learning how CGI works. Tragic and clueless.

It's been interesting to note how we have been affected by security scares since we started using PHP. I don't really remember any serious security issues with Perl as a language in the last decade we've been using it, but we've had to upgrade PHP half a dozen times in the last year. PHP forums definitely appear to be more vulnerable than Perl ones. Of course all you have to do is keep updated but it's a hassle. Poor old phpbb had a real hard time a while ago with security updates coming out almost weekly.

In the end I think the application is more important than the language, but all other things being equal I still like Perl. Don't get me wrong - PHP is a very good language. Just not as good as Perl - it's just more grunty