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    Interesting video with Mark Schubin about HD Camera Image Quality!

    I just watched this very interesting video that Mark Schubin did on HD Camera Image Quality. I found it very educational.

    The link to the video is :

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    You Tube Channel with Great Informational Videos !

    - it has technology "gurus" offering their expertise about HD Camera technology and more

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    Hello RosaE,
    Welcome to MC. Thanks for the posting of Mark Shubin's HD video segment. I've seen him on numerous panel discussions during conferences and meetings. I always look forward to his reviews because he really explains in a very simple and focused manner, so he's easy to follow. He's written technical reviews as well in some of the industry magazines for a very long, long time.

    Best regards!
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the video

    If you go to , you will see that they updated their site with new content.


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