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    Streaming live video

    I'am a beginner on this video stuff, so first of all i ask you some patience.
    I have in hands a project that consists in live monitoring buses. Basically i have a few sony video cameras that will be installed on buses and then whenever i want to see what's happening inside the bus i will go to a web server and choose the respective bus and the specific camera. As i already said i don't know nothing about video streaming, the only thing i read till now was the difference between streaming servers and http streaming
    Well... as you can notice, i need help, so what i want to ask is if someone can give me a hand.

    - How can i stream live video captured by my cameras and make it avaiable in a web server? Can someone give me a suggestion?

    Thank you

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    This is a serious project you're talking about. It has numerous complications and I wouldn't recommend it as a first project. I think you should spend some time learning the basics of video streaming and experiment with a single static camera before trying something this advanced.

    Have a look through our streaming tutorials and see if you can get the hang of the basics. Once you have a single camera up and running you can start thinking about how to add multiple cameras. After that you can worry about how you're going to transmit from a bus.

    If you need all this to happen quickly and you don't have time to learn all the individual steps, then I think you have no choice but to hire some professional help. I just don't see any way for a beginner to be able to pull this off quickly.
    Dave Owen

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    I have to agree with Dave, rcrespo. This is a job that is specialized in many aspects and is not even considered a "beginner's project". You have to learn many, many concepts before you can attempt it. It's ok to ask, "a" question about something you don't understand but it will take months before you can even understand how RF will be applied with it's rewards and consequences.

    Believe me when I say you will be doing this on this type of work.


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    i believe so...


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