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Thread: MCE & Sky TV NZ

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    MCE & Sky TV NZ


    i have read the article in this site about changing the Max Channel in ehome to 109, yet i can't save the file as it says "access denied" anyone have any other suggestions ??.

    My other problem is that the remote won't register during setup within media center - i am running windows vista. i get to the press "0" stage and nothing happens !!.

    The IR is reading the remote as i can see a red light showing. i have tried playing around wih distance and making sure the set top box is correctly set up and i'm sure it is, yet could be wrong (-:.

    Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated

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    The first problem sounds like a common issue with Vista. If you login as Administrator it might work. Otherwise I usually get round this by creating a copy of the file, editing that, then removing the original file and replacing it with the copy. It's a pain but it might work for you.

    Sorry I don't know what's going on with your remote.
    Dave Owen


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