I use bits of video for illustration in my classes played back on VLC Media Player. Most are from a variety of DVDs, bought and some not so bought (shrink or divx, ...).

I can import the vobs to Avid Liquid but I can't seem to export the fragments I want, though I seem to remember that I've seen that done on someone else's computer.

I read in one of the MediaCollege threads that there's something called a movie clipper. Sounds like what I need but I'm not clear about it. Also I don't want anything creating conflicts with Avid Liquid, Premiere Pro or Cyberlink Power Cinema (which I use to record TV). I work on a PC.

Can anyone suggest a program that will do what I want. If it's free all the better but it's more important that it be compatible with the programs I have installed and that it not require a programmer's knowledge.

Thanks in advance.