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    Mic Connectors

    Hello. I can recognize high impedance and low impedance connectors, but I have amps with 1/4 " telephone jack inputs and mics with 3-prong "ceramic-type" plugs going into the mic housing and "telephone jack" plugs at the other end of the cord for plugging into the amp input. Is such a combination of plugs said to be "high impedance" or "low impedance"? And if it is "high Z" is there a way I could adapt or convert such a plug in to be "low Z" or low impedance for higher quality sound? Thanks. Jud

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    Hi Jud

    I'll tell ya what. At the risk of sounding crass, have you tried searching this site for answers?; I know that many here have answered this many times over. If you can't get satisfaction, come on back here and we will try again, but it's a rather long answer. Cool? I'm watchin for ya.
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    Ok. Will do. Thanks.


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