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Thread: Flash vs wmv

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    Flash vs wmv

    I know virtually nothing on this topic.

    I have a wmv movie that is 60 MB. I thought converting it to Flash would make it a smaller file, but I've recently read that is not the case.

    I've also read that the quality of the Flash movie would not be as good as a wmv movie.

    Would it be better for me to just stream the wmv movie? Seems like Flash is simply offering bigger size and less quality.

    While this has nothing to do with YouTube, I'm wondering why YouTube doesn't just convert all the videos to wmv, instead of Flash. Isn't it just as easy for people to obtain a free windows media player as it is a Flash Player? What am I missing here?

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    This is not really a fair comparison.
    There are many settings to be considered such as bit rate and video resolution. In most cases the FLV file would be smaller but not necessarily have better quality.

    FLV requires an embedded FLV player while WMV can use Windows Media Player and no other coding is required.

    There are many reasons for choosing either of these formats or even MOV for that matter. It depends on the source file, the editing process, the program that creates the file for the web, the type of video, the type of delivery, lots of things.

    In most cases WMV is just fine. If size or quality are a concern then looking at other formats like FLV, H.264, or MOV should be considered.
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    Thank you for your reply. As I suspected I'm in over my head.

    Yesterday I downloaded FreeFLV converter and was appalled at the result. I put everything on the highest quality settings but the results were bad.

    I think I may just stream the video as a wmv movie. Just curious, do you know of a converter that would allow me to get a good result when I convert wmv to FLV? Or am I supposed to try to convert it to SWF?

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    Also just to provide more info. The wmv came about like this: The movie was originally shot in avi, I edited it using Vista Movie Maker, and published it via Movie Maker. I really need the quality to be as good as possible so I guess I will have to sacrifice size.

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    Hi Pat

    I use Dave's player and convert using Flix Pro..the results are pretty good for web use.

    Take a look at some of my wedding samples

    These were encoded in Flash 8 and at 512kbs sized 480x270


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    Thanks Chris, I appreciate your time. I'll give it a look-through.

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    One of the problems is the multiple conversions, AVI - WMV - FLV, rather than a single conversion AVI - FLV. Try exporting the video from Movie Maker as AVI and then converting the AVI to FLV rather than the three step approach

    It may still not be perfect but my guess is that you will have a better result that way.
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    Thanks Chuck, that sounds interesting, I'll give it a try.


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    Ultimately, what I'm trying to do is this:

    I have a 60MB wmv movie (about 4 minutes in length). I want to make it have a decent amount of quality, decent streaming/loading speed, and allow users to play it full screen. Exactly like this video I randomly selected on youtube:

    The above video is nearly *twice* as long as mine, yet there is no delay and it has decent quality. Also, what dimensions would I save my movie? What are the best dimensions for full screen?

    The twist is, I don't plan on uploading to YouTube so I have to do the conversion to flash myself, but it isn't working well. I'm using FreeFLV Converter.

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    VLC player is one of the software which is widely used and which plays any format of audio or video (including .flv). The less known fact is that it also helps to convert audio and video file formats. Follow these steps to convert .flv to .wmv, .avi or any other format.

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