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Thread: Flash vs wmv

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    Thank you very much gandaria, I will look into this. It sounds good.

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    media player classic 123 is very cool software you can every format of video can play on it its a user friendly and good graphical software

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    Quote: PatR
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    I know virtually nothing on this topic.
    I've also read that the quality of the Flash movie would not be as good as a wmv movie.
    You could use FLASH 10, and create FLV/H264 video, or FLASH 9 and create On2VP6 video. In both cases, you get higb quality.

    Of couse, you have to use no small bitrate value

    however, you could try self, for it, i recommended to download VideoCharge Studio soft. You could found it -

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    Thanks For Your Help

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who had suggestions. I really appreciate your help.

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