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    Full Screen Dimensions and Flash Conversion

    I have a 60MB wmv movie (about 4 minutes in length). I want to make it have a decent level of quality, decent streaming/loading speed, and allow users to play it full screen. Exactly like this video I randomly selected on youtube:

    The above video is nearly *twice* as long as mine, yet there is no delay and it has decent quality.

    Also, what dimensions would I save my movie so that users could select full screen and get good results at full screen mode?

    The twist is, I don't plan on uploading to YouTube so I have to do the conversion to flash myself, but it isn't working well. I'm using FreeFLV Converter.

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    Hi Pat

    For a SD movie you probably need at least 640x480 at 512kbs or higher in Flash to be able to watch it full screen. Jusyt remember that it needs to be rendered as progressive (no interlacing) with a square pixel format.


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    Thanks once again for your help Chris, much appreciated. I will take your advice.

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    Chris, can I ask you one more follow-up question? What if I was to stream the movie as a wmv. What would you suggest for minimum dimension and bit rate. Thanks for your help.

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    Full Screen Dimensions and Flash Conversion is good to see the move & enjoy


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