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    Video Editing software....

    Hi, everyone, I am having a little bit problem in choosing the best software for video editing, i don't have a MAC so it makes it worse. I came to know about the "Final Cut Pro 7" from this forum but it looks like it only works for MAC, is there any other good software with which i can do some really good Video Editing with some good advance effects (if available).

    Please help me out with this matter.

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    I'd recommend Adobe Premiere.

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    I recommend starting with Premiere Elements, for under $100 USD you get a very full editing application and a jump start if you ever want to go to the Pro version.

    In my opinion Premiere is every bit as good as Final Cut.
    If you look up the history of Final Cut you will find out that its origins are in Premiere anyway, they are more similar than anyone wants to admit.
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    Adobe products always best, There isn't any software or company compare to adobe. Always recommended.

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    hey u can use fcp on windows system

    hi there.......i am an fcp doubt fcp rocks but it is possible to use mac based softwares on window ........u just use software named--VMWARE can create virtual interface of mac on your windows ..........and u can just install fcp on it ..........

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    FCP does have the edge but Premiere is absolutely fine for editing if you can't afford a Porsche...I mean a Mac


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