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    Sekonic 758Dr and D3x profile.

    Hi, is there anybody out there with an Nikon D3x and Sekonic D758DR, and have made at Camera-profile, and could tell me how diff. from std. 758-profile the D3x works?

    Because the 100 euro a grey-scale card cost, I wanna know how neccessary it is to spend.

    Ok, I know its a bit of sh.. against what I payed for the Camera and metering unit, but.....

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    Hi there, I am not sure what you are asking, as the D3X is a DSLR, the Sekonic is a light meter, and a gray card is simply a gray card.

    Are you asking if it is necessary to purchase a light meter and a gray card if you purchase a D3X?

    If so, it is a yes and a no. Light meters are very useful esp in studio settings (outdoor shoots too), esp if they have spot metering (to get the exact metering you want). Most of the time these are posed shots, as for doing street or journalistic photography, you are usually bursting frames at spontaneity without the luxury of holding out a light meter to check lighting. At the same time, inbuilt meters in DSLRs are very impressive, esp if you are talking abt Nikon's latest offering here...

    A gray card is helpful to get a correct white balance (true to what is captured) for your camera but it is not cheap. If such precision is needed perhaps you need it, SpyderCUBE has come up with one of their latest offering
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    First, a grey card is a grey-card, but not in this issue.

    Sekonic 758 can be callibrated with your cameras exact sensor.
    To do this, you should use the and capture 3 photos, mith +/- 1 EV and load them in to Sekonics software, and then transfer the output to the lightmeter. This is now the exact profile for the camera whos taking the shots.

    I already have the Sekonic Card now, and made af profile, and it works great.
    Not much, because as you also wrote, the D3x is pretty good.
    But when I in some cases use my metering unit, it is more precise to the D3x, and especially in flash-metering, it is wery usefull.
    The 758DR has built-in radiotrigger thats support Pocket Wizards radiotriggers.

    I do have seen the Cube, but in the most cases, I use af White-Ballance filter: and thats a nice little gadget to use, and with the D3x way to adjust WB, it takes no time with these filters. I can recommend to use instead of greycards.

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    Wow - I didn't realize light meters have changed to be customized to a particular camera's sensitivity or at least Sekonic in this case.
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    I really didnt know it before I buy the Sekonic, and after allmost a year with it, I looked at the manual, because I wanne find out what that built-in radio should be there for.
    Then I came in this situation that afford my question.
    And yes, thats a WOW. Ok, and a little spend of money.


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