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    Cables to run two monitors

    Hey sorry to sound like a n00b first off.
    I just bought a pair of M-Audio BX5a studio monitors.
    They have XLR balanced and balanced/unbalanced inputs. I plan on getting a mixing table sometime, but i cant at the moment. So now all my audio is coming out of a minijack plug on the back of my sound card. Obviously my question is what type of cable do i need?
    Here are two thoughts

    I want to get the best quality that I can, hence the expensivish speakers. Feel free to post links.

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    I would go with the first one. XLR's are locking connectors that are less likely to pull out, if bumped. It's also easier to extend the XLR one if needed.

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    Yea, go with the xlr one, like bassred said. Techwise it makes no difference, other then what he said about a more solid connection.
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