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    Video Layering Problem

    My question is regarding media layering. At my church we have some DVDís we use on weeknights when we donít have a worship team. Some of them donít have subtitles and I canít figure out how to get lyrics on there. We have a computer with Songshow Plus (our lyrics program) on it and a media switcher connected to both the computer and the DVD Player. When I put the DVD and computer images on the screen at the same time you can see the DVD image fine but can faintly (like itís clear) see the lyrics rolling across the screen from left to right. If you select one or the other you can see either one fine but when you try to layer them it doesnít work. My pastor doesnít like using DVDís without the lyrics so Iím stuck with good music we canít use. Thanks for the help.

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    Here is a great place to get answers about SongShow Plus
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