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    Loss of part of phone conversation on mono mike

    I am trying to use a mono earbud microphone (see ) with a Dell Axim 51v. The Axim has a jack plug socket for earphones and a mono microphone.

    Although the microphone works fine with a PC, the part of the phone conversation which comes out of the phone is only just audible on the Axim whereas anything I see into the phone is recorded clearly. I would be grateful if anyone could explain why. I can improve the audibility by increasing the gain and noise filters but the result is not really usable.

    Thank you very much

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    Why? Cuz it isn't a very good product. Proper recording of telephone conversations isn't all that easy. Best technique involves electrically tapping into the telephone, and that entails its own problems, as well as a large wad of cash.

    Are you using a cellphone? Can you switch it into speakerphone mode? It may be so loud you can't put it right up to your ear, but if you can get it close, it may help equalize the levels.

    The other thing you can do, once it's on the computer, is to run it through a compressor app. There are ones you can download free.


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