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    Media center recorded TV

    I just bought a new Dell computer with the TV tuner option included, and so have been recording a lot of shows onto the computer. I wanted to remove the commercials from the shows, but don't know what program to open the files with. They are in dvr-ms format and Windows Movie Maker (and i'm not sure if that's the program i want to use anyway.. not sure about video editing at all) cannot open them. Does anyone know of a editor for that format, or a program that can convert them to a format suitable for movie maker or another video editor and then convert back?


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    an open source program called VirtualDub is the program i use to edit my recorded TV

    It won't open WMV or ASF files as Microsoft hold the patent to the technology

    There's also a VirtualDub release called VirtualDub-MPEG2 which is the same but with a MPEG2 import filter, which i have to use because InterVideo WinDVR3 only captures to MPEG2 files

    I suggest you get the 3ivX codec (Free), for the video and install it along with the Lame MP3 codec, for the audio to give great quality and a relatively small file size

    If the program you're sing to capture captures to WMV or any other Microsoft patented technology i sugest you use InterVideo WinDVR (GREAT program with schedule so you can set things to record when you're away, but it's not free) or a free program called iuVCR which is a basic version but is free and gets the job done!

    VirtualDub -->
    VirtualDub-MPEG2 -->
    iuVCR -->
    3ivX Codec -->
    Lame MP3 Codec -->

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    I had found a solution myself earlier just for some reason never came back to say so. I do appreciate the help though.

    I found a program called dCut that installs itself as a addon to Windows Media Center. It's extremly simple to use, just watch (or fast forward) the video as you would anyway in Media Center, and pause where you want to start and stop and use the Start/End segment buttons. Then when you have all the segments you want to keep or delete, finish and it will make a new dvr-ms file (or WMV, it can convert also) for you with the segments you want.

    I love the program because of how easy it is to use and do what I want, and you don't have to even load any different software since it is part of Media Center. The whole process takes me about 5-7 minutes to fast forward through and find the commercial point and tell it where to stop and start.

    dCut -->
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