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    New online video contest!

    Hey there,

    We’ve got a new website up and running that you may be interested in. is a site that runs monthly themed film competitions.

    Basically you upload your films into the contest each month, cross your fingers that yours is voted the best….and win the jackpot!

    We’ve had our first winners announced so there is proof that we put our money where our mouth is. Check them out at and if you think you can do better then get entering!

    This months theme is Red, as long as your film or video has something red in it, you can enter.

    Too easy,

    Doc Sniper

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    A quick update...

    It's now been a few weeks since the new RED comp has been up and running and we still don't have any submissions to win a the $1,000 dollars. We have over 163 members (which is great) and that means you all took the time and effort of joining up (good on you) but no one is entering into the competitions...why?? Surely it can't be the entry fee ....$10 bucks, come on my grandmother can afford that, so what is it? Is the comp too hard? Is the prize to low a $1,000 for $10? Would you rather the prize be less? Or be something else? In fact, to get the ball rolling the first person who enters into this month’s comp (from today on) will get a FREE ENTRY

    And if you can get 10 friends to submit to the you'll receive a GUARANTEED $100, that FREE ENTRY for you, $100 for you and the real chance of also winning another $1,000 but HURRY because this offer is on the table until midnight this FRIDAY 16th of October 2009

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    i read it late anyways is there anyother method to get online money? i want to participate
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    We've given away our free entry but it's not too late to enter the contest, there are five days left! Just become a member and you can purchase a shot to enter our contest.

    Also, our offer of $100 for someone who can get 10 friends to enter the contest still stands.
    Just get your friends to send me a message or email me ( letting me know you got them to enter the contest and $100 will be easy as that!

    Amy questions, let me know.




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