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    Quick Reviews etc

    Hey guys,

    Shot this on Friday night, spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning editing, then Sunday afternoon uploading (1.2 gigs is not nice to upload to YouTube...)

    Camera: PD150
    Definition: SD
    Aspect: 16:9
    Total Footage: 2 hours
    Final Edit: ~5 minutes
    Tripod: Meant to be, but very long story as to why it wasn't used especially for the catwalk section (involved it starting wayyyy too early when I wasn't ready).

    Erm, so yeah - watch and feedback please :-D

    You don't need to mention the 'stability' factor or the fact that the mic softie is in shot halfway through. Haven't normalized interview audio, or corrected colour/focus on first catwalk either.



    PS: This is my first absolutely full production from start to finish, all my ideas etc, so don't be too critical!
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    Hi James

    Nice shots!! However where is the audio?????? Ambience is critically important for dubbing over a sound track you lose all feeling and it also makes the storyline weak.
    Remember that you were there...we were not!! so you need to tell the evening like it was for viewers who couldn't make it and that needs a storyline..whether it's an event or action movie.

    For me it was a great effort but I would have elevated myself a bit with the catwalk shoots ..the angle seemed a bit low ...low angles are great but as cutaways not main shots!! Your shots are good but you need to work on the story-telling aspect a lot more.


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    Cheers for your comments Chris.


    Good point actually. I was hesitant to include it, but only because the audio quality wasn't fantastic - all the 'audio' contained, really, was screams etc. I suppose for the auction sections it would have been a good idea to include it, but for the others I think it would have taken it away really.


    That's partly what I was referring to before regarding regarding the stability. The hall that the fashion show took place in has a little balcony at the rear of it, and I had set up my tripod and all the gear up there, ready to roll type of thing.

    I went 'downstairs' to talk to the two photographers, to make sure I knew where they were going to be etc, and had brought my camera with me 'just in case'. Then, all of a sudden (this was way earlier than it was meant to be) they started the show, so either I start to shoot right then, or miss the first 3 (at least) 'runs' and get the rest. I decided to shoot all of it, possibly a bad choice, but it's done now :-D

    Thanks for the comments though.



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