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    Windows Media Encoder Problem with live streaming


    I have a problem streaming a live event with windows media encoder 9.

    I have a Pinnacle TV Card which is connected to a satellite receiver over the composite connector.
    I can watch the Video Signal coming from the receiver with the Software I got from the TV card.

    Windows Media Encoder has the function to stream specified Windows. In my case, I choose to stream the Player´s Window I see the video Signal from the receiver on.

    Clients in my LAN can open a connection to my Stream-Server and they also see the player from my TV Card where the Video runs in. But unfortunately they only see a black Window inside the player, they can´t see the Video. They player is just black.

    Anyone knows this problem ? It´s not a codec Problem, all Clients have windows Media Player 10 with all installed codecs.

    Thx so far,


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    Re: Windows Media Encoder Problem with live streaming


    Did you find a solution to your WM encoder problem?

    If not, a good streaming media provided is VMDirect

    Details of their service leves and product provisions can be found here:

    Hope this is useful.


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