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    what shall I do?

    Hi I'm having a problem with feedbacks. The monitor we have is wharfedale but I cannot decrease the feedbacks. So what shall I do? Don't tell me to change the monitor b/c we cannot afford to buy new.

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    Under the AUDIO tab there is a tutorial about eliminating feedback and there's also a couple of threads as well. Let us know how you did or ask a specific question if something is not clear to you.
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    The same problem I am facing if there is solution for this problem, kindly let me know, Any response would be appreciated.

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    why dont you just concern with technical staff near to your home, you are not technical i sure, and if you practice on it then may be some big problem occur. so dont get any risk.
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    Feedback problems shouldn't require you to ever replace equipment. At most, the only things you will be replacing due to feedback are technicians.

    There are several troubleshooting methods for feedback. As you should know, feedback is essentially the sound from the microphone or pickup, coming from the speakers, and going back into the microphone or pickup in a closed loop.

    1. Decrease the output level. If it is already very low, set it at a desirable level and continue troubleshooting.
    2. Check your mic placement. Is the mic close to the output speakers? Are the speakers placed in a position that makes sense with the type of mic? (Cardiod, supercardoid, hypercardoid, omnidirectional, etc.)
    3. Try to EQ out the frequencies that are causing you problems. Use an HPF on your board if possible.

    Good luck.

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    Kyle, good info!

    Knowing the type of mixer will help us help you. DO you have 'sweepable' mids? that would be ideal so you can dial out the problem frequencies enough to eliminate the feedback without adversely affecting the overall sound of the mics/channels in question..


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