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    Editing Suite

    Hie guys. I am looking forward to building a new editing PC. Can someone let me know the specs that i must have on a best editing PC. I usually work with both the DV and HDV formats. Am looking at building my own.
    I would like to know what i can use on the following;

    - motherboard type
    - processor type
    - graphics card
    - sound card
    - ram
    - DVD Rom or DVD writer

    Thank you all.

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    Hi Obegun

    It depends on whether you are using HDV (m2t files) or AVCHD (mts or M2ts files) !!!!
    A pretty much off the shelf DuoCore with a processor as low as 2.2GHz will comfortably handle HDV footage but for AVCHD you will need an absolute minimum QuadCore and at least 4GB of ram.

    Video card is unimportant with software like Sony Vegas but Pinnacle 12 will need the biggest and the best video card you can afford.

    A standard audio card (usually on-board now) is fine and you will need a DVD writer 16X disks are now cheap get a 20X drive.

    At this stage I wouldn't worry about a BluRay writer as it looks like it will drop off the map soon!!! Very few people own a BD Player !!!


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    Here is something that I put together a couple years ago but have been updating a few times a year:
    2 x Dual Core Xeon 3.0, Premiere Elements 1 - 7, Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3, Soundbooth, Heroglyph, Vitascene, EncoreDVD


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