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    need information about hardware for live streaming

    I have project I want to run and need some information about technical, consultancy, architecture design and what I need for this project (hardware and software)
    I planning to stream live streaming 24 channels,
    The feed is analog from pal STB cable or satellite.
    I want to stream in 2 different resolution and bit rates

    1. full screen 750-850k
    2. 240x360 400-600k
    the format is flash h.264
    The channels are series, sport, news, and movie.

    What recommended card (i have osprey 450e)?

    What kind of requirement of computer I need (CPU, MHZ, CORE, RAM).

    can i use i7 cpu or xeon cpu?

    how many channels i can run in 1 computer?

    I need cheap solution for this project around 20-30k$ for hardware.


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    for these you must be first use XEON server with atleast 256 to 512 PCI card and if you need accurate solution then try to contact technical person near to your place, who can check your these system and refer you best and cheap solution
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    need information about hardware for live streaming

    Hey guys, I am looking for a program in which it can capture my computer screen and stream it live... Any suggestions?


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