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    Laptop for video editing

    Hello everyone, am happy to be back to this forum,
    I want to buy laptop for video editing, what i have in mind to buy is DELL XPS STUDIO 16 can anyone help me comment on this laptop. If you are not comfortable with this laptop pls inform me and make a suggestion. (Right now am using pinnacle 12 ultimate and am planning to start using adobe premiere pro soon)

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    I am not familiar with that particular model, but I will say that I do a lot of video editing on my laptop (which happens to be an Asus, but that's beside the point of my post). I am quite happy with the performance I get.

    I think honestly that the important items are Memory, CPU, Discrete video card (as opposed to integrated) and Disk more or less in that order (some may argue that CPU is more important than memory and others will argue the other way -- again, not my point for posting).

    At any rate, the stats that are important are:
    • CPU at least Dual Core 2GHz or better
    • Memory at least 3GB, 4 or more is better (more on OS later). DDR3 is best to have for speed.
    • Disk of 7200RPM or better, and 500GB or better -- It's even better to have a secondary disk drive on which you store your temporary files, etc. (i.e., other than the one in which the OS and application is installed upon).
    • Operating System is variable. Some swear by XP, others swear that Vista/Windows 7 is much better. Whichever your preference, realize that a 64-bit operating system will use all of your memory if you have more than 3GB installed, while a 32-bit OS will only use 3GB. Some machines (like mine) will take the "unused" memory and let the discrete video card share it.
    • Discrete video card needs to have at least 512MB of RAM (DDR3 is preferred as it's faster, but DDR2 should do you fine).

    Stats on my machine:
    • CPU --> Intel Core2 Duo T9400 2.53GHz
    • Memory --> 4GB DDR2 (upper 1GB shared with video)
    • Disk --> 300GB 5600 RPM SATA + 80GB 5600 RPM SATA
    • Video --> nVidia GeForce 9600M GS 512MB (on-board memory)
    • OS --> Vista Home Premium 32-bit
    • Software used --> Adobe Premiere Elements 2 and Sony Vegas 8

    Hopefully that gives you some insight on what is needed to successfully do video editing on a laptop. I have found no issues with this machine both in the actual editing and the rendering phases. I also have a quad-core desktop, and it of course performs better, but this laptop is VERY capable.
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