First off, apologies for the Air Supply reference, but I thought I'd post this little home movie as an example of how you can make a workable movie out of not much at all - after all, think of "The Blair Witch Project".

This video is from a recent bushwalk, mostly shot by my 11 year old son, on a dodgy little JVC Everio palmcorder (if any of you do bushwalking, you'll appreciate that I'm not keen on lugging my "proper" camera for 30kms!), hence the poor quality and shaky camera work. I could have steadied up the camera a little in After Effects, but I wasn't going to bother for a "home movie".

Nonetheless, a bit of judicious cutting in Premiere, and I reckon the result's not too bad.

Pine Valley video

Oh, and just to show that this isn't my usual work, here's a showreel I put together: