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    Thanks for the clarification on the firewire connection Chris, much appreciated
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    Yeah I understand it too now, but it's a pain trying to get info from someone via email lol.

    I'm now dealing with someone who is based in France.... delays all over the show lol

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    Right I've left that one well alone, but asked if he wants his website doing up for free in return for a discount off of the 900 (there hasn't been a reply for a long time now lol. Usually he's pretty fast at replying!)

    Try not to do this if you can. Usually your 'clients' will suck the life out of you (cheap, in this case, almost free labor) with endless changes while the site is up and all these time, you are still working on 'the website'!

    On the other hand, it is most excellent if you do get your hands on a PD170. It is a very reliable workhorse!

    Happy searching!
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