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    new to premiere po

    hi. Ive just started to use premieire pro today.. my aim is to use this to produce a video made from still images. I have some images that i have produced using photoshop, made up of severeal layers and want to import these into my sequence, using some of the layers for different lengths of time. Really im just after any basic tips that may save me hours of frustration as i start out, info on what size i should make the images in photoshop before bringing them into premiere would be a good start... I know nothing at all!.. thank you for your time

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    Premiere Pro will import each layer as an individual clip and you can work with them anyway you like. Sounds like you might be trying to do something that is more made for After Effects than Premiere Pro however.
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    With Adobe premiere pro could lead to the entire PSD file, and all Leyar from Photoshop
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