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    mic and line levels


    My name is Nik. May be someone can help me with the following two questions?!

    If a line level signal is plugged into a mic level input what type of sound would you hear?


    If a microphone is plugged into a line level input what type of sound would you hear?

    Thank you!!

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    Hi Niklas

    (a) A huge amount of distortion
    (b) Almost nothing

    Very simply a line input/line device has a sensitivity level of 0db so it needs or gives a signal of around 300mv. A mic input/mic is around -50 to -70db so using either device in the wrong match will cause a problem.

    However you can plug a line output device into a mic input if it goes thru an attenuation pad first which drops the signal level. They are typically around 40db attenuation.

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    Line level is typically 100 to 300 times stronger (higher voltage) than mic level.

    If you plug a line level signal into a mic input, it will overload the input. This cannot be fixed by turning the channel gain down, because the mic preamp comes before the control and that's what's overloading. You will hear horrendous clipping distortion.

    If you plug a mic into a line level input, the sound will be very weak. Also, if you turn it way up, there will probably be a lot of hiss on the signal because a line-level input is not designed for such weak signals.

    Line is line and mic is mic and never the twain shall meet.

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