Ok so let me break down the events leading up to this:

I am editing a 720p 24fps vids

For the last 2 days my windows media player was acting up when I loaded mpg files

When I was done editing my project in premiere I went to export it

As usual premiere opened up adobe media encoder

For some reason media encoder would encode the project and just stop without giving so much as an error message

I got sidetracked and decided ton reinstall some codecs to make WMP work again (I did and I just had to reinstall the CCCP codec pack. I also did a reinstall of FFDSHOW to be safe)

All of this while premiere and media encoder were open

So I closed down premiere and encoder for a bit because I decided to try and work out the problems with encoder later

I came back and now when I got to load the project in premiere and opens the loading bar and gets about 90% of the way full and then freezes. I have to close premiere using the task manager.

I thought it was a time issue so I starting the loading the project and left to go see a movie. I cam back about 4hrs later and it was still frozen.

I don't know what to do. I dont think the codec thing is relevant but I figured I would share everything. BTW I tried uninstaling the codec packs I installed. No use.