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    Who is your favorite poet?Your favortie work of im.

    It is place to relax.Who is your favorite poet?Which work of him influence you more?His poems are the imagination of the beauty of our nature.His personality and poetry were deeply influenced by his love of nature, especially by the sights and scenes of the Lake Country.The poem "Tintern Abbey" by William Wordsworth is the most favorite poem of him.Knowing more about his poems is very interesting.Daffodils is another favorite poem of Wordsworth ,it is to be learned in school.

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    I'm sorry to say, but imho your questions has no bearing in this forum. Nor does your question in regards to news. Do you have a technical problem with audio/visual/software/hardware used for the news that you'd like to discuss? I'm sure you'd get numerous responses.

    However, if anybody wants to respond - no problem. It's just one or two proper responses out of the 8,000+ membership which would account to less than .1%.
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    I like william butler yeats most, and his poem when you are old is my favorite.


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