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    live video from my store

    I searched all afternoon for the best forum in which to ask my question. Mediacollege was the obvious choice.
    Here is my project. My company manufactures and sells stripper's clothes. We sell both to the customer retail, and to other stores around the country. What I want to do is set up a live camera from my location. A wholesale customer would arrange a "showtime" and, at that time, log on to a page on my site. At the same time, they would call us. We could then show them our products, fabrics, manufacturing facility, etc., live.
    I have a Sony Handycam that I would like to use. I also have webcams, but the quality seems poor. I have, of course, computers, and I have the server where my site is hosted. I can design the page for the screen. I am forced by current conditions to try and do this as cheaply as possible, but whatever I need I will get. I've seen dozens of programs online that seem to be what I'm looking for, but as I have zero knowledge in this area, I thought I should ask some people who know. Can anyone suggest the best way forward?

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    You mean you want to use live camera to track the all things, you cant use webcam or digital handycam for it, why dont you use hidden or security camera, which will provide to best solutions and it will be also very cheap. and one time investment.
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