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    problem in saveing photoshop files to transparent gif files


    I have one problem in saveing photoshop files to gif files. when i tried to save it as trasparent gif, edges are getting white dots. I want to put same image with different background color. but these white dots are creating problems to my design. How to remove white dots from the image to get clear transparent images.

    Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    problem in saveing photoshop files to transparent gif files

    Im just starting to get beyond the basics with Photoshop, working through a number of tutorials and picking up lots of handy hints and tips.

    One thing which I continue to struggle with though is the outline on .gif files on a transparent background. I seem to lose all the smoothness on the edges and as a result my final images quality is very disappointing.

    Are there any good tips for getting better results when producing the final .gif file?

    P.S. I know about .png files but as some older browsers struggle with them Im not using them at the moment.

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    Try PNG

    I have actually solved this problem by saving images with transparent background as PNG. Try it & let us know?

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    For background less picture, you must be use PNG format. it has better resolution. specially use in Animation.
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