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Thread: Fps hvr z1

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    Fps hvr z1

    Hey there!

    (Sorry if the below stats are wrong!)
    I understand that if shooting video with the PAL standard you are shooting in 25 fps and NTSC is around 30 fps and film 24 fps. On my Sony Z1 it has a cineframe feature called CINEFRAME 25. Its supposed to give a film atmosphere, but what is the fps? If the 25 stands for 25 fps then surely this would be the same as shooting in normal video mode. So my question is, what is the fps when the Z1 is set to shoot in CINEFRAME 25 mode?
    I don't really use this but I do like to know the ins and outs of all my equipment, so if theres anyone out there that has this camera please enlighten me.


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