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    Recording audio for a live show on video- audio options?

    I'm recording a musical for a small musical society in my area. My only problem is that i'm not sure about how i should record the audio. Should i use my own mics or should i connect my camera to the sound desk and record through that? And if i should connect to the board, what cables/equipment would i need?

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    That's often a tricky question for live recording. Ideally, you should probably make separate recordings from the sound desk and your own mics. In the old days I used to use a four-track recorder and use two tracks to record the desk (left/right outputs) and two tracks to record with my own mics.

    A big question is how accurate the desk mix is going to be. In a lot of smaller situations the sound system is only providing a boost to the overall level because the natural sound coming from the stage is relatively strong. In this case the desk mix will be relatively weak and may not provide all the sound you were hoping for.

    You will also need to check that the desk is actually taking and outputting all the sound sources - there's nothing worse than realising one of the sound sources never went through the desk and was being handled by a different mixer/amplifier.

    If you do record the desk, make sure you are able to monitor it properly, perhaps with a good set of headphones which reject outside noise well. If you're not completely confident in the desk mix, then I think your own mics are preferable.

    In any case I think it's worth trying to make two recordings. For example, if you decide to record from the desk you can set up a separate tape recorder with your own mics to just record that audio. If the desk audio then turns out to be terrible, at least you've got the option to dub your backup audio onto the video instead.
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