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    mixer/amp issues.

    Hey all! Im kinda new at all this so please bare with me.

    I have a BCD3000 Mixer and a GLi XA-3300 amp.

    My problem is my mixers output is in RCA Phono and my input on my amp is 1/4 inch. If I just use a RCA phono to 1/4 inch adapter my sound quality greatly decreases causing snapping and crackling and static sound out of my speakers.

    Right now I have the RED RCA split into two (2) and the WHITE RCA split into two (2) then reconjoined with a RCA phono to 1/4 inch. so therefore i have a red AND white RCA phono going into each input for my 2 speakers and have no problems EXCEPT that most of my older stereo files wont play correctly. For example if I play Fat Bottom Girls by Queen the first part plays but as soon as the opening guitar riff starts it gets almost impossible to hear.

    any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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    If I understand what you're doing, the distortion probably comes from the fact that you're shorting the left and right outputs of the mixer together. 2-going-into-1 Y-cords don't just combine signals; they also backfeed from one channel to the other.

    If there are parts of the music dropping out, you may have the right mixer channel going to the tip of the 1/4" plug and the left going to the ring. (Or v/v.) If the amp has a balanced input (the GLI site gives almost no information) you're hearing the difference between the left and right channels, so anything in the center (like vocals) is going to get canceled.

    Why are you doing this Y-cord thing? It would seem normal to just go from each RCA output to one channel of the amp input.

    Just a thought - does the amp have a "bridge mode" setting? If that's set wrong, it would explain part of the problem.

    A bit more info on what you're doing, how the speakers are connected etc would be helpful.

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    i have the speakers connected by Speakon. there are three outputs for the speakers. ch. A, ch. B, and Bridged. the inputs on the back of the amp are are 1/4 inch ch. A, 1/4 inch ch. B. Also there is and XLR input for ch. A and also ch. B. The only output from my mixer is RCA phono.

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    Let's go back to the RCA-to-1/4-inch from each mixer channel to each amp channel. That's the normal setup. Somehow things are getting shorted out. I assume you have the speakers plugged into A and B, not bridged.

    Does the distortion problem vary with the gain control settings on the power amp?

    Anybody else have a brilliant idea? I'm not seeing something.

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    mixer/amp issues

    Lol, i didnt know it was my amp at first and i got kinda scared because my yr old daughter was in the back seat.


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