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    cleaning a video tape

    I have a old converted 8mm movie on VHS. Looking at the movie there is so much disturbance .. now I suppose the tape is very dirty.

    But how to clean a VHS tape?
    What equipment do I need? What material do I have to use?
    How do I start?

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    Videotape uses magnetic fields to record images so tape "dirtyness" is an unlikely cause!! What usually happens is that metal oxide residue comes off the tape when it's played and clogs the tiny head gap on the player drum. I guess you could attempt to free any loose oxide from the tape itself by getting a tape rewinder. These normally have a felt pad that the tape runs thru to remove any oxide.
    Personally I would rather look at giving the tape a good FF and then RW a few times to clear any possible oxide and then make sure the player heads are cleaned properly!!! You can clean the heads yourself by using a head cleaning chamois with a little 99% pure ethyl alcohol on it and all you need to clean are the two "eyes" you see in the head drum. (Those are the heads..the drum is just the tape carrier!!)

    Otherwise take the tape to someone who does VHS to DVD transfers and let them digitise the video.



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