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    How do you color images in Photoshop

    Hello, can anyone show me the proper method of coloring in photoshop ver 9? I've read before that you need to use layers and making duplicate layers of the line art.


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    I am no expert on colouring, but my best method is use the Magic Wand tool to select which area you wish to colour, and work on one section at a time. If you are nervous of ruining the lineart you can make duplicates after each section, so if you go wrong you can just start over.

    I have probably not been very helpful, but I have been registered about 3 minute and I post already

    Love, Clara xx

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    Yeah, thats the same method I use too! Its just that if you start using new layers for individual coloring (like hair, skin, clothes), the magic wand doesn't work. I've been using the easiest method ever since.

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    Have you tried checking the "Use All Layers" box in the magic wand toolbox?
    Dave Owen


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