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    The new ipod nano 5G video to computer and DVD to ipod?

    hey well i got my ipod nano 5th generation the one with the video camera.i have heaps of videos that i have taken with it, but i dont no how to get those videos and put them in my computer. they wont show in my itunes wen i plug it in i dont get it, how do i get those videos and put them on my comp.
    I also want to upload a home movie from a DVD to my PC and put it on my IPOD.
    Can anyone please walk me through the steps. I have no clue what I am doing!

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    You can download a free copy of MPEG Streamclip to rip the home movie from your DVD. Then, using the same program, you can export the video to a file you can load onto your iPod. Search for the software on google. It should be easy to use. It's an everyday part of my video business. I love it!

    Regarding the Nano issue, I'm not sure why your videos aren't showing up in iTunes. The videos I shoot with my iPhone always load into iTunes so I'm not sure what's going on there. You may want to contact Apple about that. I'm sure they have forums or FAQs that deal with that issue.

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